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Our Products & Services

Deep Tissue Massage
Exercise Therapy
Foot Pain Treatment
Lymphatic Massage
Magnetic Field / Galvanic Current
Medical Consultation
Non-surgical Facelifts
Pelvic Floor & Incontinence
Prescription Insoles and Shoes
Relaxation Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Personal Training
Pregnancy Massage
Registered Dietitian
Sports Massage
Weight Loss Program
IntraMusclar Stimulation

Brands Carried

Aertrex Orthopedic Footwear
Apex Footwear and Pads
Bakrol & Nekrol Line
Fitter Exercise Products
Footfresh Line of Footcare
Footmaxx Orthotics
HealthSmart Products
Natural Herbal Products
Organogold Products
TheraBand Bands & Balls
Ottobok Braces & Splits
Usans Cosmetics & Nutrition
Nu-Skin Cosmetic Products
Isagenix Nutrition PRoducts
JuicePlus Nutrition Products

Blog Posts

Muscle Origins of the Acute Episodic Low Back Pain

Most therapists or physicians have encountered the otherwise healthy patient with an episode of severe and unexplained low back pain. Often accompanied by an alarmed relative, the patient usually feels that a “kidney” ailment or worse is to blame. It usually turns out...

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More on the Back

In our first issue of “Clinical Commentary” on rehabilitation, we introduced the findings of the New Zealand physiotherapist, Robin McKenzie. Among the factors predisposing to back pain is the prolonged sitting postures in normal daily activities, as well as the need...

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Clinic Locations

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Our Clinics

Glenwood Clinic (West)
#203, 16028 100A Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5P-0M1
Phone: 587-524-9623  Fax: 587-524-9624

Terwillegar Recreation Centre Clinic
#1 2051 Leger Road, Edmonton, Alberta T6R-0R9
Phone: 780-431-9623  Fax: 780-431-9624

Meadows Recreation Centre Clinic
2704 17 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6T-0X1
Phone: 780-465-9940  Fax: 780-465-9944

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