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Occupational Medicine

Rejuvenation Health provides a wide range of services to clients such as physicians, insurers, lawyers and employers – to name a few.

  • Pre-placement Assessments
  • Fitness-to-work Evaluations
  • Surveillance Periodic Examinations
  • Disability Management
  • Return-to-work Evaluations
  • Exit Evaluations
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Occupational Injuries Assessment
  • Occupational Exposures Assessment (e.g., metals, chemicals, gases, solvents, pesticides)
  • Occupational Illnesses (e.g., toxicology, infections, cancers, dermatology, asthma)
  • Occupational Program Management (e.g., stress, safety, hygiene, employees assistance programs)
  • Environmental Health (e.g., disease surveillance, health risk assessments, MCS)
  • Work-site Evaluations
  • File Reviews for WCB, law firms, corporations and insurance companies
  • Education and Training
  • Development of Occupational Health and Safety Services for Industries
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

If you need to measure a person’s physical capacity to perform specific tasks, our team can provide a test called a Functional Capacity Evaluation. Over one or two days (depending on need), the client is monitored while (s)he performs standardized activities to her / his maximum safe capacity. A comprehensive report is prepared which analyses and presents the evaluation results in a straightforward, objective manner.

Independent Medical Evaluation

IMEs are available on two levels at Rejuvenation Health Services. For an independent opinion on a client’s medical status, our consulting physician Dr. Aashif Esmail provides exceptional service. For examinations related to workplace hazards and risks or other occupational medicine concerns, Dr. Mohammed Naseem (one of only 50 Occupational Medicine specialists in the country), would be pleased to render a comprehensive opinion.

Post-offer Screening

Are you concerned that the perfect potential employee has physical issues which may prevent them from performing at their best? A screening test, specifically designed for that particular job, will identify any significant risk to safe performance. A review of any physical demands analysis, and if available, a site visit for evaluation purposes will be followed by the design of an appropriate test. Following the test, a timely report will be forwarded with results and recommendations for safe execution of the tasks related to that job.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Rejuvenation Health Services designs and implements on-site and off-site risk assessment and injury prevention services for companies that:

  • are seeking to reduce injury statistics
  • are looking to save on WCB costs
  • have a passion for safety and health promotion
  • or have a 24/7 approach to employees health and wellness

Our team includes an experienced occupational medicine specialist, physical therapists and kinesiologists. They will review your work site, prepare a comprehensive risk analysis and design a program to meet your specific needs. Based on your need, we can provide assessment only or include program development and / or on-site intervention and treatment services. We would like to be a part of your success.

Travel Medicine

If you have employees who are required to travel to various parts of the world with health cautions, you need a place that can provide comprehensive services, including laboratory tests, drug tests, medical evaluation, inoculation, etc. One call to Rejuvenation Health Services is all that is required. We can quickly, efficiently and cost effectively expedite your employee’s travel needs.

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