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Energize Your Workplace

For many Canadians, a typical work day includes a lot of sedentary time, including long hours sitting in front of a computer, or doing repetitive work tasks while sitting. In addition, many people frequently make unhealthy food choices during their work hours. It’s a nasty combination of inactivity and poor eating habits and it can make employees feel tired, stiff, unfocused, unmotivated or less productive. Ouch!

Energizing your workplace is not rocket science, but it does take a little bit of drive and initiative – on the part of employers and employees – to bring about positive changes.

Energizing a workplace involves teamwork and our wide range of practitioners – from personal trainers and nutritionists to physiotherapists and psychologists – is available to help you get started.

Tailored to your workplace

Whether it’s a lunch and learn program, a team-building offsite or a full-on boot camp, we can help you to provide educational and motivating breaks from the routine. The sessions can be occasional or on a regular schedule (e.g., weekly, monthly or seasonal). Topic choices are unlimited, but might focus on aspects of healthy eating, active living, reducing workplace stress, ergonomics, physical activity options, and more.

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